Initial Consultation
Discuss your goals with one of our personal image consultants and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your personal makeover.


Body Language Consultation
Whether preparing for a job interview, a presentation or a date learn how to interpret body language, what it says about you and others around you.
Nutrition Consultation
Work with one of our nutrition consultants and learn what foods work best with your body. Increase your vitality, energy levels and promote healthy weightloss.
Etiquette & Protocol Consultation
Work with one of our etiquette experts and learn proper etiquette and protocols for social events, interviews and business meetings.
Personal Development
Sometimes it takes more than changing our exterior image to make us feel better. Learn how changing your mind-set and self-image can change your total image.
Fitness Consultation
Work with one of our fitness advisors and learn how to incorporate a fitness routine into your life, increasing your energy levels, ability to focus and your overall health.
Personal Shopping
Whether you need help figuring out what to wear to work, an interview or even a date, let us take you shopping. Our personal shoppers can help you find the best clothes.
High-heel training
Learn how to walk in heels with confidence and style.
Skincare Consultation
The best way to have beautiful skin and keep yourself looking young is with a good skincare regime. Health, environment, and genetics are all factored into creating the best skincare regime for you and your skin.
Makeup Consultation
Learn how to apply makeup properly changing your look and take years off your face
Wardrobe Consultation
One of our wardrobe consultants will come to your home and take an in depth look at the clothes in your wardrobe. We discuss what works with your body type and your lifestyle.


Wardrobe Overhaul Package:
Get a wardrobe overhaul by combining our wardrobe consultation service with our personal shopping service.

Interview 101 Package:
Increase your chances of acing an interview by working with one of our consultants to ensure your that you are making the best impression possible.

Business Executive Package:
Want to get to the next level of your career? Our business executive package was created to help professionals reach the highest levels of their careers.

Beauty Package:
What to look younger? Our beauty package combines our makeup consultation with our skincare consultation.

Kitchen Cleanse Package:
Combine our nutrition consultation service with a kitchen overhaul and cooking lessons. This plan was created to ensure that you start you nutrition plans on the right foot.

Total Package:
What to look great, feel even better, and live the life of your dreams? Our total package is for you. Our most comprehensive package incorporates all of our services and more. This package combines the wardrobe overhaul package, beauty package, kitchen cleanse package, as well as incorporates additional services like customized meal plans and workout plan.

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