Day 5: Dressing A “Pear” Body Type Another body type commonly referenced is a “pear” body type. This body type is typically found in women, and refers to women whose hips are the largest part of their bodies. In olden days, these women were viewed more favorably, as their hips appeared more capable of safely […]

Day 14: The Blessing Of A Father Dear Son, I am so blessed to have a 13 pound 8 week old ball of joy come into my life. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you. You have changed my life in ways that I never imagined possible. Because of […]

Day 21: How Eating Regularly And Frequently Can Help You Lose Weight When it comes to our eating habits it is not only what we eat that is important but when we eat and how often. Our body is a machine, and like many machines it likes to run on a schedule. As a result, […]

Day 21: Becoming A New You When it comes to becoming a new you, it’s really about figuring out what you want and going out and getting it. When you come across any blocks along your path towards achieving your goals, you figure out what they are, and what they’re caused by and you deal […]

Day 29: Getting The Guy (or Girl) As soon as you walk through a door, everyone who looks at you makes a snap judgment about you. In that instance they will decide whether or not they will want to get to know you solely from the impression they made from your appearance as you walked […]