As the weather starts to get warmer outside, many of us start looking ahead towards summer, and spending lazy days on a beach somewhere with a cool drink in hand. While for many of us this mental picture brings with it a sense of calm and relaxation, for others this can bring forth a feeling […]

Have you ever hard the phrase “You are what you eat,”? In today’s modern society, filled with processed foods and video games, I would venture to restate that common phrase as “You are what you eat and do.” What you eat, and what you do in your spare time matters. If all you eating is […]

Day 21: How Eating Regularly And Frequently Can Help You Lose Weight When it comes to our eating habits it is not only what we eat that is important but when we eat and how often. Our body is a machine, and like many machines it likes to run on a schedule. As a result, […]

The most common reasons given as to why people don’t exercise is that they can’t afford to go to the gym, or that they don’t have the time to go to the gym. The reality is that they do have the time, they’re just choosing not to use it exercising, and that you don’t have […]

One of the biggest fears some people have when working out is bulking up with muscle. That’s why many people only do cardio workouts, instead of doing both cardio and strength training workouts. But strength training can actually help everyone build lean muscles.One misconception many people have is that strength training means weight training. While […]