As the weather starts to get warmer outside, many of us start looking ahead towards summer, and spending lazy days on a beach somewhere with a cool drink in hand. While for many of us this mental picture brings with it a sense of calm and relaxation, for others this can bring forth a feeling […]

Have you ever hard the phrase “You are what you eat,”? In today’s modern society, filled with processed foods and video games, I would venture to restate that common phrase as “You are what you eat and do.” What you eat, and what you do in your spare time matters. If all you eating is […]

In today’s society, many individuals seem to have a sweet tooth, but when it comes to choosing between the sweetness they crave versus the calories they wish to decrease in their diets, many individuals will opt for sugary sweet artificial sweeteners that have little to no calories. However, are these sugar substitutes really good for […]

We all know that it is important to take vitamins and supplements in order to maintain a healthy body. But when you go to the vitamin isle there are so many choices, you sometimes get lost and confused as to which vitamin or supplement we should be taking. To make life easier, many of us […]

Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients list of the food you’re purchasing in the supermarket? If you’re like most people I know you might not look at the ingredients list but the nutritional facts of the food, focusing on the number of calories or grams of fat a certain product […]