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Based in New York, Inside-Out Beauty is a full service image consulting company that is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their image goals by addressing the multi-faceted aspects of their image. Regardless of whether you need help in your business or social life, our goal is to show and teach our clients everything they need to know about how to enhance their image.

How you are perceived can have a profound effect on both your personal and business life. In your personal life, perception will determine if someone will be interested in meeting you at a social gathering, or whether or not you get the guy, or girl, at the end of the night. From a business perspective perception can determine whether or not you ace an interview, obtain a new client, close a deal, or even earn the promotion of your dreams.

Inside-Out Beauty believes that the most effective method of enhancing one’s image is to address each of the inter-related parts of the image. Inside-Out Beauty’s services teach our clients how to enhance their image from both a personal and business perspective, and are designed to address all aspects of our client’s image. From one’s body language and etiquette to fashion styling and fitness consultations.

No two clients are alike, which is why Inside-Out Beauty individually tailors plans to our clients. We take the time to learn our client’s need, goals, and concerns, and develop each plan around them. We teach our clients how to address their initial concerns while showing them how to achieve long term success. Whether you’re a college student looking to get ahead in today’s job market, or a company looking to hone their professional image to attract clients, Inside-Out Beauty is committed to help you achieve your goals.

A Note From Catherine

New York Image ConsultantToday I am perceived completely differently than I was earlier in my life. I’m confident, well spoken, stylish, and am fondly referred to by my friends as “Snapple Fun Facts.” You would never have guessed that growing up I had a lisp, was self-conscious and exceedingly shy.

The lisp was probably the easiest thing to fix, as it only took 8 years of speech therapy after school. However, because I was teased at school, my lisp caused me to become very self-conscious. What enabled me overcome this self-consciousness was my commitment to becoming a serious athlete.

Competing at the high school and collegiate level, track allowed me to realize that on the track and in life you’re really only competing with yourself and your “best” time. Only you can hold yourself back or push yourself ahead. Track also forced me to take care of my body from an athlete’s perspective. When I combined this knowledge with my pre-med course load, I learned how to effectively care for my body through fitness and nutrition.

Shyness is exceedingly difficult for many to overcome. In order to become more extroverted you have to constantly practice being outgoing, and eventually your shyness will subside. For me, my recovery involved acting and improvisation. This approach had the positive effect of teaching me the advantages of developing a “stage presence,” or the ability to appear confident even when not.

Due to my shyness I also had a tendency to “dress down,” hoping to become invisible. Thankfully, my grandmother taught me the fundamentals of fashion including fit and fabric, and the importance of dressing for success. Using the tools she provided and my newly found confidence I started dressing better, thus discovered how fashion could be used as a tool to manipulate how you look and are received by others.

With my new found ability to manipulate my look, I was discovered by a top modeling agency. It was while modeling that I started to fully understand the power perception plays on everyday lives. Modeling is a career where people’s perception of you completely determines whether or not you book a job. Depending on the casting, I would only have 3 seconds to make my indelible mark on potential clients and set myself apart from the other models.

Perception determines not only our business lives, but our social lives as well. In fact studies show that 55% of the impression we make is based on our non-verbal communication, 38% is based on our ability to communicate effectively and only 7% is determined by the content of our discussions. In addition, people who are physically fit and well-dressed are perceived as being at least 10% more intelligent.

Positive perception effects how people interact with you. Having once dressed myself to be invisible I can vouch that people are friendlier and more respectful when you are dressed better.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a HEALTHY life, a BEAUTIFUL life, and a life that showcases YOU to the best of your abilities.

– Catherine E.P. Gray
AICI NY Tri-State Chapter VP of Education

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